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When to Use Deadly Force

Written By: Jesse Regenauer  |  Posted: Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

            The subject of "justifiable use of deadly force" in its norms of general discussion, are usually talked about at length in classrooms for law enforcement or armed security type occupations. And while it is not traditionally something discussed at length outside of the specialized training or legal type environments, its rules and implications equally affect any John Q. Public citizen carrying a gun for personal defense or defense of another. The DOJ's direction of change to the training requirements for a Wisconsin resident to qualify for a concealed carry license, (often referred to as a CCL), are clearly addressing these concerns as we speak.  

            Recently the Wisconsin Department of Justice requested a two month extension (which ends mid October) to finish revising new rules regarding the type of training a concealed carry license applicant must have to qualify for said license. Even as the specifics will not be officially published by the DOJ until mid October, it is known that there will be elements required in the training on deadly force, firearms safety, and tactics on how to not escalate a crisis and possibly avoid using force.  Just as applicants are now required to submit a signed certificate or affidavit by an instructor of some firearms training, the certificate or affidavit will soon require an instructor's signature verifying that the newly mandated training standards are met.

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