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Should 3rd Party Voters Feel Guilty?

Written By: Dan Stanley  |  Posted: Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

Mark Mayberry at wrote a letter to those who did not support Romney in the last Presidential election.  He entitled his letter "Dear Ron Paul/Gary Johnson Voter Guy:  I Told You So."  It was a straight forward letter, placing the blame on such voters as possibly the largest mistake in American history. 


Do you believe this is true?  Do you believe if Romney had won, then all would be well or at least getting well?  Let us assume you are right to some degree.  That means you are assuming the Republican Party could have salvaged the nation and could have gotten us back on track constitutionally first and foremost.  You must admit that is a tall order.  In fact, my guess is most of those thinking like Mayberry,  placing blame on those who would not vote for Romney based on principle, would choke a little in attempting to say with confidence that the Republican Party would for sure get us back on track.  Their best answer would be the Republicans would at least help.


Well, of course, I would like to believe that.  But there is an insurmountable obstacle to this conclusion being embraced.  It is the stark reality that the Republicans along with the Democrats have brought us to where we are as a country.  All the charts and statistics make it impossible for the Republicans to deny this.  They from the get go voted for and supported every faulty program we have in America.  They have proven to be no different that the Democrats, except they are slower and less obvious at it.  If you don't believe that, then visit with your Republican elected officials, ask the right and hard questions, and you will find no difference.


So you see, those who would not vote for Romney are often those who realize this, and want to go another route.  It has been my contention for many years that a third party of sound minded Constitutional people would be the only hope of saving America from its present direction.  That is still true as I see it, barring the intervention of Almighty God.  And remember this; a third party does not need to win.  Rather, they need to have influence.  If ten to twenty percent of the country voted for a sound third party, that much alone would be enough to come to the bartering table and begin to make a difference.  If you don't believe that, observe a country that has many parties, something America had in the past.  Rather than divide a nation, it balances it - that is if there is anything there worth balancing.  Some have nothing to contribute.  America does, at least for the time being. 


Dan Stanley is an owner and contributing editor of The US Journal.  Email:

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