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I Give Up- Things are Bad

Written By: Pastor Dan Truitt  |  Posted: Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

After All Greeks feeling effects of EU imposed austerity

I had been mentioning more than a few times in recent prayer letters that I didn't think things were all that bad in Greece. I didn't see drastic lifestyle changes. Restaurants and cafenia were still pretty busy during the weekends, and only yesterday I saw next to the dumpster near our building a cardboard box that contained a brand-new 37-inch LCD TV. Then there was the working class neighbor who had just bought his apartment for €145,000 upstairs from us. And the streets of the city center seem just as congested as ever- people seem to have work to go to. However, there are certain things going on now that leads one to suspect that things in Greece are spiraling out of control and will get worse- a lot worse- before they get better.

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