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Clinton's Forgotten Dictatorial Tendencies

Written By: James Bovard  |  Posted: Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

            It seems like a century since Bill Clinton was president of this country. Unfortunately, the abuses of George W. Bush and the pratfalls of Barack Obama are causing many people to raise their estimate of Clinton's presidency. But he earned his disdain fair and square, and a brief reminder of his abuses is in order.

            From concocting new prerogatives to confiscate private property, to championing FBI agents' right to shoot innocent Americans, to bankrolling the militarization of local police forces, the Clinton administration stretched the power of government on all fronts. From the soaring number of wiretaps, to converting cell phones into homing devices for law enforcement, to turning bankers into spies against their customers, free speech and privacy were undermined again and again. From dictating how many pairs of Chinese silk panties Americans could buy to mandating that people on Prozac could be entitled to arrive at work late, to President Clinton's efforts to require trigger locks for all handguns in crack houses, no aspect of Americans' lives was too arcane for federal intervention.

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