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Unemployment Numbers Reflect Damage of Kreitlow's Job-Killing Actions

Posted: Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

The Terry Moulton Campaign on the Result of Democratic Tax and Fee Increases.
Submitted by the Moulton Campaign

CHIPPEWA FALLS - Unemployment numbers recently released by the state Department of Workforce Development reflect the damage of Senator Pat Kreitlow's job-killing tax and fee increases this session. In June, Wisconsin continued to lose private sector jobs and 13, 600 discouraged workers stopped looking for work. "Governor Doyle and Kreitlow's anti-job agenda increased government spending by $3.6 billion and increased taxes and fees by nearly $5 billion last year, " said Terry Moulton, candidate for the 23rd Senate District. "Kreitlow's massive tax and fee increases on Wisconsin employers came at one of the worst economic times, resulting in an increased cost to do business. As a result, over 170, 000 jobs have left Wisconsin and companies like Harley-Davidson, Polaris, and Briggs & Stratton have been forced to move to more business friendly states." Though Wisconsin's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate declined to 7.9% in June from 8.2% in May, the numbers aren't reflective of the true unemployment situation in the state. Economists agree that the new numbers don't account for the 13, 600 discouraged workers who stopped looking for work in June. Over the past year, the number of discouraged workers has climbed to 60, 400 people in the state. "Kreitlow's actions over the past year and a half have seriously crippled our state's business climate and economic outlook. Our job climate is now ranked among the worst in the nation, " said Moulton. "It is time to take action to grow jobs and stimulate our economy by controlling government spending, lowering the tax burden and streamlining regulations. Our state can't afford to lose more family-supporting jobs." In defense of Pat Krietlow, the CORE Jobs Act which was co-authored by Krietlow (and 7th Congressional Democratic candidate, State Senator Julie Lassa) has been claimed to have given the State of Wisconsin 600 jobs, which means State Senator Krietlow's democratic policy only resulted in 169, 400 jobs lost in Wisconsin.
- Editor

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