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Morality Won't Save America

Written By: Dan Stanley  |  Posted: Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

                I am afraid we have this prevalent thinking in our country that we need to return to being a moral country.  If we do this, it will save America.  Well, I am certainly for being moral, this country included.  But it appears to myself it is too late for morality alone to work.  In fact, it would be fair to say morality could never have worked, if it had not been rooted in the source of true morality-the Lord Jesus Christ.

                One of the problems mankind has always faced is just this.  It is the problem of passing on of some belief that is good to the next generation.  A reoccurring theme in any nation or home is something good being started, then it dying out within a generation or so.  Take for example a company known for its quality.  Stanley tools is one I grew hearing about.  They were the best tools available.  But time has changed that.  They still cost plenty, but ask my working sons which tools are best, and Stanley is at the bottom of the list (still above China though).

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