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Protect Your Health and Prevent Strokes with the Off-Grid Lifestyle

Written By: Off The Grid News  |  Posted: Thursday, February 9th, 2012

Stroke is the third most prolific killer of Americans and perhaps the most feared. Strokes can strike without warning, attacking and damaging the brain irrevocably. Strokes can be fatal, or they can leave their victims permanently disabled. Because of the sudden and mysterious nature of strokes, many people think there is nothing they can do to prevent them from happening. Mainstream medicine has largely remained silent about how strokes can be prevented, acting almost like they are acts of God that cannot possibly be stopped from happening.

But the truth is that like all serious diseases and health conditions, strokes are a symptom of unhealthy lifestyle choices. No one has to live with the threat of stroke hanging over their heads; and despite the relative silence of doctors, strokes can be prevented if people are willing to reject the unhealthy lifestyle that passes for normal in modern America.

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