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Bear Repellent - Steps You Can Take to Prevent Market Losses

Written By: Tom Hankes  |  Posted: Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

You probably still have bruise marks on your forehead from banging your head on the wall after the litany of economic woes I wrote about in the last issue. I'm trying to throw some cold water in your face to wake you up to deteriorating market conditions and show you that there is a silver lining to a bad market. There are several tools available. If you already moved to cash, you have already made one of the best, safest, and easiest moves.

First, let's look at the bright side: If stocks and bonds are overvalued as I suggest they are (by 50-60%), you should feel quite good with the profits you have to date (of course, this all depends on the cost of the stocks you purchased). If you are sitting on profits, you don't really deserve to have them as the market is overvalued; you did nothing wrong, it's just that other investors bid prices up too high. If you sell now, you've locked in those profits. It's like selling your $5, 000 car for $10, 000 to a buyer not as wise as you are about the true market value. You're not dishonest, you just got lucky.

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