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Action Tax-Just Nice Folks

Written By: Dori M Pulse  |  Posted: Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

It's that time of the year when people are preparing for the infamous tax season on both sides of the fence. Businesses, corporations, and individuals are busy digging out and organizing receipts. For some, it's a harried process, for others it is simple. Lori Peabody, owner of Action Tax, says she loves what she does. While chatting with her, I looked up and read a framed certificate. "Who is Veloris?" I asked.

Lori smiled as she began to recall a story that most of us deal with… how we got our names. Raised in rural Menomonie, her mom wanted to name her after a beloved neighbor lady but also wanted to keep the "V" in her dad's name, Vernon. So the baby girl was gifted the name Veloris Claire Tyrrell; Lori for short. She continued to live in the area, married, and had a son.

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