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Help for the Skeptic

Written By: Dan Stanley  |  Posted: Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

It has been my observation that those who have large difficulties with God's Word read little of the Bible and books on Christian evidences. What they do read is usually IMPROPERLY read or IMPROPER (thus harmful) reading. A diet of books opposing or questioning God's Word almost always accompanies such skepticism. Imagine a child being bombarded by cultic thinking. He usually imbibes it even to the point of opposing HIS PARENTS. Yet reunite him with his parents, free from the pressure of the cult's oversight, and he will in short time disavow his former beliefs. So it is with those who are ever taking in the writings and "reasonings" of the scoffers. What makes it worse is the issue of the will. The rebellious child WANTS to believe something that opposes his parents. Why? Because he wants to be out from under their authority. Thus the problem is compounded when we indulge in such writings with a will that is unyielding to what is true. Man, due to SIN, is inherently AUTONOMOUS in his spirit. He doesn't want anyone OVER him except those who promote his own ideas of how he wants things. To concede to God and His Word is to yield to His AUTHORITY and CONSEQUENCES.

Further, it should not be thought strange that difficulties arise in the Bible. You know THEOLOGY was IN THE PAST referred to as the queen of the sciences. That being so, consider the lower branches of science. Are any of them in their development without perplexing difficulties? Is not even the STUDY of science an admission that this is so? Recently, the evolutionist's world has been shaken by the conclusion of Phillip Johnson that there must be a designer with INTELLECT to have produced the world as we know it. All branches of science have apparent contradictions (or real ones) and innumerable questions left unanswered. Theories come and theories go. It would be suspect if God's Word had NO difficulties; for then it would deny the obvious. Rather, difficulties are good evidence of that. What insanity to think that difficulties prove something wrong! Imagine the beginning math student denying the possibility of certain equations, answering a thousand calculations in one large step. It is a humbling thing to bear in mind that we don't know everything. In fact, we know very little. And it always amazes me how inventions AFTER the fact appear so simple! Therefore recognize that difficulties in these areas are to be expected and the problem lies WITHIN OURSELVES.

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