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Liberals in Local Universities

Written By: Ashley Goettl  |  Posted: Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

A Student's Perspective

Let's take a quiz: Who uttered the phrase: Conservatives are ignorant? Let me give you a hint: It wasn't Keith Olberman, although he may have suggested it a time or two, it wasn't Nancy Pelosi, in fact, it was someone who is as far a way from politics as the Detroit Lions are from winning the Super Bowl. It was a professor at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls; a professor whose core foundations and abiding beliefs are to promote the diversity of ideas and accept student for who they are, right? A professor who is bound by contract to enlighten young minds on the facts and data. There are not supposed to make a student feel that they are not welcome in their class. But far too often there are cases that are similar to the one that happened here in our own backyards throughout all levels of the academic world. However, what makes the situation far more unbelievable is that this professor spoke that phrase: conservatives are ignorant in front of his class, directly to his students, and presented it as an undeniable truth.

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