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Dennis Clinard for the 92nd State Assembly District

Written By: Jerry Hanson  |  Posted: Monday, September 27th, 2010

Republican Dennis Clinard of Cataract Wisconsin is hoping to unseat Representative Mark Radcliffe D-Black River Falls. Dennis said he is more of an independent, but definitely a conservative. He is very encouraged with the support of the constituents in his district. He takes nothing for granted and says he is running his campaign like he coached his football teams - give it 100% until the buzzer rings. Dennis likens the political mess in Madison to a train wreck. He said the newly elected representatives must piece by piece sort the wreck out. Wisconsin has many people unemployed and truly needy and we as Christians must help them as much as we can, but he said, "I have a real problem with subsidizing those who can support themselves. We have got to find some way to get them to become self sufficient and off the government supported rolls." Many of our problems he said are interrelated. In order to put people back to work you have to bring jobs back into the state. "We have to take the oppressive taxes off these businesses that create jobs."

Besides controlling taxes he said, "We need to simplify the tax system completely, but first we must cap spending and put a moratorium on any tax increase or any subsidy for any new program, and find ways to downsize government, getting rid of state agencies that have outlived there usefulness."
He went on to say that government employees must pay their share of their benefits, and their salaries need to be commensurate with the private sector. Dennis would like to see the state put more focus on the infrastructure. Good roads and adequate energy. He doesn't see wind mills and solar energy as the cure-all. He would like to see more nuclear energy added into the mix.

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