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Life on the Family Farm

Written By: Tom Heck  |  Posted: Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

"Bringing the Cows Home"

In the summer time on our farm we normally put the cows out to pasture after the evening milking. They really like going out at night when it's cooler. In the hot, sunny daytime they would rather stay in the barn in the shade where we have the fans running. They have all the feed and cold, fresh water right in front of them, so they can eat and drink to their hearts' content. We have tried putting them out both day and night, but they don't like that. When we have done it, they will stand just outside of the barn looking at us and mooing. They won't go out to the pasture. So we end up opening up the barn, and they come rushing back in. Cows have a mind of their own, and they know what they want-and they let you know it, too.

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