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Raw Milk Bill Vetoed: What Does this Mean?

Posted: Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Governor Jim Doyle, with the support of the Dairy and Health industry and the bureaucracy, arrogantly disregarded the desire of families and farmers to buy and sell raw milk without being considered criminals and vetoed the bill that would allow limited sales of raw milk from the farm directly to the consumer. Doyle said, "I recognize that there are strong feelings on both sides of this matter, but I must side with public health and the safety of the dairy industry." Apparently he must know better than parents on how to keep us safe. And the Governor must be wiser than individual farmers on how to protect the dairy industry.
Apparently, the Raw Milk Task Force committee, set up by the publicly elected Wisconsin Legislature, needs to come up with a "more balanced approach to this issue." In other words, if they conclude that raw milk, which has been drunk for thousands of years, is safe to consume, then raw milk drinkers won't give money to the large dairy corporations.
Says Rep. Chris Danou of Trempeauleau, "What's frustrating to me is the will of the people is so clearly ignored

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