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Breast Cancer Research Makes Me See Red

Written By: Coach Dave Daubenmire  |  Posted: Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

I'm sorry, but I have become very skeptical of what passes for most science today. With all of the money being awarded in the form of grants, I am afraid that scientific research is no longer unbiased. Let's face it, those who provide funding through grants are often fishing for a desired outcome from the research in order to bolster an agenda or a product. One need look no further than the Climate-gate scandal for evidence of scientific fraud.
Al Gore and his henchmen should be in jail.

I have often posited the idea that if Christians wanted to prove Creationism to be true they need only raise billions of dollars to fund scientists to look for evidence of a "Creator" in nature. Currently, all of the funding goes to evolutionists who are hell-bent on proving God doesn't exist. If we changed the focus of their investigation I believe we would change their conclusions.

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