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How to Decide What is Right?

Written By: Dan Stanley  |  Posted: Monday, July 2nd, 2012

                Today we are abuzz with opinions coming from hordes of news programs to the very Supreme Court itself.  Add to that the Congress and their compulsion to write new laws along with the Senate confirming, the President and his dictates, the educators and their philosophies, and for sure the experts who will take the stand to give their testimonies.

                I must admit it is hard to know where to turn; there are so many voices.  On every turn someone is quoting statute this or federal law that.  The court ruled this or the Congress said that.  On it goes ad nauseam.

                Since when does a person determine what is right to say or do or be based on all these opinions and declarations by those with louder voices than ours?  Does wearing a robe make a person somehow more right in their conclusions?  Does a line written in a statute book make what is written suddenly more right than what you or I conclude?  Does a judge or jury's verdict make it right or more right than ours? Does an educator's decrees make him or her somehow right?  Does a social worker's claims prove what is right any more than what you or I might observe or conclude?  Does the popular rants of the Limbaughs or O'Reilly make them right somehow?  Our local Human Service department supports many unmarried women who are downright lazy and need to go to work or more than that go back home.  They have their rationale, but they are wrong, clearly so.  I don't need a degree in sociology to know that.

                Well, I have heard enough of all of these voices to know they can be as wrong as they are right.  No, we should not allow these many voices to somehow lay claim to right and wrong.  They are increasingly more and more wrong as often as they are right.  Rather, then, we need to determine what is right on our own basis and act accordingly, regardless of the consequences.  For myself, being a Christian, it is quite easy at times.  The Bible is my basis for right and wrong, not the Supreme Court nor the Congress (God forbid) nor the local expert.  You will have to decide what your basis is, but don't allow yourself to be scared into acquiescing to the multitude of voices out there.  Don't fall into the trap of thinking they are right and any who oppose them are wrong. I have heard Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Lawrence O'Donnell, President Obama, Congressman Boehner, Senator Reid and a host of others both locally and nationally be wrong so many times I have lost track.

                God forbid that you or I should allow those today in all areas of leadership to be considered right.  Rather, the burden lies on them to prove themselves to be not wrong, as they all too often are.  Don't be scared into submission due to size and stature.  It is an illusion that is deceiving and destroying America.  We are to be self governed.  We are to decide ourselves.  We are to weigh the facts.  We are to conclude what is right versus what is wrong.  And remember this, you have conscience and a God to whom you and I are accountable.  You don't have to agree with me, but there is something in you that tells you I am right.  Think about it, and in the mean time don't believe most of what they say.

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