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The Fallacy Of Ecumenism

Written By: Dan Stanley  |  Posted: Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Whether you know it or not, we are, religiously speaking, ecumenical as a country. The word "ecumenism" comes from the Greek word for "the inhabited world." It came to refer over time to all Christians worldwide getting together and getting along. But what we know today as ecumenical is far from its intended purpose. The problem is most people don't know this or don't care. They may even think it is good. At the minimum we are conditioned to think the concept and practice of ecumenism is an "okay thing." It is, though, not a good thing. Rather, it is bad and for many reasons.
Now, in any other area of life we would not think this way. Who would suggest for a moment that all congressmen or senators of the United States were good and sound men and women?! Hardly! We have at present a revolt with 80% of Americans showing in the polls that they don't trust the government. Government, properly done, is good, but to suggest a gathering of government leaders is comprised of good and sound people is not necessarily true, especially today in America. Do we think because a room is full of doctors that all those doctors are necessarily sound and honest in their practices? Of course not. Some are poor doctors, dishonest doctors and some make life and death errors. Do you have a hard time believing that? I hope not. Who would suggest that if ten families gathered for a picnic, that all those families were automatically sound and were good examples to follow? Rather, some may be bad examples and not suitable to company with. The same is true in business and many other areas of life.
Yet, we somehow find it hard to believe that a church or denomination or minister could be as unsound and unreliable as a dishonest lawyer, doctor, hospital, business, senator, home or organization. Yes, organization. We have this bad thinking that if something is organized, especially religiously, it must be fundamentally all right. We think if churches or denominations gather for mutual purposes, that if it is religious, it must be all right. But the opposite is true. Remember Jesus said "if the blind lead the blind, both fall into the ditch." Who was He talking about? Religious leaders and organizations.
This is well exemplified in ecumenicalism. Let me make this plain. If it is ecumenical, it is not sound. It is bad and needs to be abandoned. Allow me to give you one example of the awful fruit religiously of ecumenicalism. Few organizations or movements in America (and where ever this is so) have done more to leave people ignorant of how they can be made right with God than ecumenicalism. . The vast majority of American Christendom (which is ecumenical) have a vague idea at best and openly wrong understanding at worst of how to become a Christian at or be made right with God. Many think being baptized or taking sacraments, or joining a church and attending it for years, or trying to live good life and be a good neighbor will somehow help get them to heaven. How many think if they help the church with some money, if they do some prayers and readings, if they take religious classes, if they do the best they can, that they are all right and ready to meet the Lord.
But this is so far from the truth. The Bible teaches that we are sinners, that we can't pay for our sins, that God provided a payment when Jesus died on the Cross for our sins, and that if we believe on the Lord Jesus, the moment we do, He forgives us our sins, makes us a new person in Christ and gives us eternal life. Ecumenicalism teaches that all roads lead to heaven just as all roads led to Rome. Not at all. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. There is no other way.
No, ecumenicalism is not a good thing. It has left millions blind and unconverted. It is a fallacy. It is false movement. It is dangerous. Beware of this movement. It is not from heaven nor God. It will give your soul no advantage and much disadvantage if embraced.
Dan Stanley is an owner and contributor to the Eau Claire Journal. He is the author of "Becoming Debt Free" and has pastored for thirty years. He and his wife Beth have ten children and live in Eau Claire.

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