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Madison Tax Day Tea Party

Written By: Todd Welch  |  Posted: Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

            The tax day tea party at the Wisconsin capitol on Saturday was a very interesting day to say the least. Even though it was a cold, snowy, windy day in April, the event drew hundreds of tea party people as well as hundreds of union protesters. The crowd was mixed with people from both sides of the union debate and capitol police did little to maintain order even though the tea party had the rights to that section of the capitol grounds.  Regardless of this, no violence occurred other than shouting matches to see which side was the loudest.  The pro-union crowd was very disrespectful to the tea party protesters by trying to drown out the speakers that were at the event, shouting down tea party people, blowing horns and whistles, playing drums and calling tea party people names like teabaggers. It was as if the pro-union crowd where a bunch of children.

            The speakers were quite good and the presence of Sara Palin really drew the crowd in with cheers from the Tea Party people and boos from the pro-union crowd. At the beginning of her speech, she voiced her support of Governer Walker and his fight against the unions. The rest of her speech was very much a campaign speech mentioning Obama several times and I even thought she was going to announce her run for president towards the end. Although she did not, the crowd reaction was fantastic.

              Overall the event was a good event even though I think the turn out would have been better if the day had been warmer.  We had a good time and even collected hundreds of petition signatures in support of constitutional concealed carry.

In Liberty,

Todd Welch
Interim-State Coordinator Wisconsin Campaign for Liberty

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