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Tom Woods Speaks in Eau Claire on Nullification

Written By: Oscar M. Fuentes  |  Posted: Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

The regime gets to dominate the debate, but the explosion of the internet has given average Americans the opportunity to go around the established media and introduce "previously forbidden topics", author Tom Woods told an audience in Eau Claire on Saturday. Dr. Thomas E. Woods, author of New York Times bestsellers such as "Meltdown" and "The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History", gave an engaging presentation to an audience of about ninety people at a Campaign for Liberty event in Eau Claire regarding his recent book, "Nullification". In a light and comical style Woods discussed "Nullification" by first examining the intellectual capacity of our "wise overlords" in Washington. Woods mentioned that "Some people say to me that they think that people like Nancy Pelosi really are not as dumb as they look. That actually they are Machiavellian figures who want to make us think they are dumb. . ." He then quipped "My view is that Nancy Pelosi would have to be an Oscar winning actress, and

I'm convinced that some of them really are as dumb as a stick." Woods pointed out that when a reporter asked her if the healthcare bill was constitutional she just dismissed the question. Woods then said that not only did she not give a good answer "she can't even even think of a fake answer." Woods relayed a story from a fellow professor who teaches college level economics. "Thirty years ago he says that the students in his class would show up with their heads filled with economic fallacies." Woods said the instructor would spend the first few days refuting these fallacies. Woods then exclaimed, "He says that, 'now I have to teach them the fallacies!'" Woods said that although seeing such ignorance can be discouraging, the good news is that people with a different point of view now have a way to get the word out by going around what he called the mainstream "gatekeepers of opinion". Woods said that thanks to new technology, "We are now able to have serious discussions that we are so not supposed to talk about." Woods depicted this change by quoting his friend Gary North, "Yes, the gates are still up, the gatekeepers are still there" there still is an MSNBC, a US News, a Newsweek, "the gates are there, but the walls are down." Woods then gave a number of forbidden topics which this change in the media landscape has allowed like: the Federal Reserve, Austrian economics, and state nullification.

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