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Health Care Reform: Christian or UnChristian

Written By: Dan Stanley  |  Posted: Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Much is being made over the constitutionality of the historic health care bill passed this past week, and rightly so. Amidst all this debate are the constant references I personally have heard and read that suggests that health care reform as we now know it is also Christian. Several times Jesus has been referred as the Christian model for compassion being shown on the needy. He certainly and supremely so is the greatest Example in history of One who went about helping the needy. Not only is this so, but we live in a country that still identifies primarily with Christianity. Most polls would support approximately 75%-85% claiming this identity. With that in mind it seems not only good but necessary to address the legitimate use or illegitimate use of Jesus and the Bible as a basis for supporting health care for all as we now know it.

First, let me state that the method we have taken to provide health care for all Americans is not Christian. All of the admonitions from Jesus were based on voluntary involvement. "Love your neighbor" was a law, but not a law set up by the state. Even under a theocracy such as the Old Testament Israel had, there were laws saying help the poor, but no civil punishment if not obeyed. In other words, the Israelite was to leave some of the grain on their fields for the poor, but if they did not, there was no fine. Of course, we do not live under a theocratic form of government. We live in a republic. All the more so to understand correctly the Bible's teaching for Christians in this matter. It is never with the force of the sword (the state) that we compel people to help the needy. Rather, it is by persuasion on the basis of their claim to be Christian and to do as Christ did.

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