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Ancient Greek Art Cannot Be Understood Unless the Bible is Believed

Written By: Robert Bowie Johnson  |  Posted: Monday, April 17th, 2017

"The Greek tradition insists that Zeus and Hera were the first human couple; the Judeo-Christian tradition insists Adam and Eve were the first couple. Both traditions insist that their respective first couples came from an ancient paradise with a serpent-entwined fruit tree. Thus, two opposite spiritual standpoints share the same factual basis.

Greek artists went into much more detail than this about their religion. They depicted Cain and Seth as Hephaistos and Ares, Noah and Ham as Nereus and Chiron, and Naamah (Genesis 4:22) and Cush as Athena and Hermes. Their unique depiction of the Flood matched the Genesis account in detail. Their religious temple and vase art boasted of the triumph of the way of Cain over Noah and his God-fearing offspring after the Flood.

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