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To Married People

Written By: Rev. Daniel Smith  |  Posted: Thursday, June 28th, 2012

The following remarks contain much truth, and it would be well for all married persons to bear it in mind. There is nothing that tends so much to keep the fire out of love burning brightly, as those little attentions which, before marriage, the two parties would consider themselves inexcusable in forgetting. This laying aside the little endearments that nursed love into being, the very moment that you have sworn to live on forever, is almost perjury. Where people are joined in for life, it is their mutual interest and duty to render themselves as interesting objects to one another as possible.

            Senator Houston was recently asked, at a large party given by Mr. Speaker Winthrop, why he did not attend the usual places of public amusement as he had been accustomed to do.  His reply was this. Let it be read and remembered by mothers and daughters of America.

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