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Should Government Have Any Say about How Many Children You Have?

Written By: Dan stanley  |  Posted: Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

            None, period.  It is none of their business.  If they say anything, it would be to commend couples (married) who have several children.  That would fit the government's job description.  The purpose of civil authority is to catch the crooks and punish (not correct) them and to praise those who do well.  For married couples to have several children is a praise worthy thing.   Therein starts and ends what the government is to do in regards to how many children we have.  The following quote, though, reveals this author's thinking, one that most Americans have. It was in an article on the aging of the populations world wide.  Due to more countries having more people who are 65 and older than 15 and younger, the author was making an appeal for a solution. His quotes is telling:

            "While the prospect of longer lives is a good thing, problems arise when a shrinking work force cannot foot the pension bill. Several decades ago, you could have had about 10 workers per retiree, but that could shrink to the point where in Italy, for example, you had three workers per retiree. While the political choices are unsavory - increase taxes or cut benefits - governments are running out of time to act."  - Sunny Oh

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