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Local Leadership Needed

Written By: The ECJ Staff  |  Posted: Saturday, December 10th, 2011

                 Leadership is revealed in regard to many things that affect us locally.  Everything from a downtown revitalization program to helping the homeless has had some success.  There are judges and teachers and businessmen known for their contribution to the benefit of Eau Claire. Even some religious leaders might wiggle into the "100 most influential people in the Eau Claire Valley over the past 100 years" or something like that.  All over the city there are men, women and movements who have benefited our city.  Forgive me for the lack of specifics, but my guess is you can fill in the blanks. I personally visited with a woman, while not known generally speaking, is a person heavily involved in helping those in poverty in Eau Claire.  No doubt, along with her, many others would fit that category.  In years to come there will be, no doubt, more parks and buildings and rooms named after individuals who were instrumental in such endeavors.  The L. E. Phillips' will continue to show up.

                But there is a glaring lack in one regard which in many leaves a void that affects us adversely in many ways as a city.  It is for a person to lead out in regards to returning our city to a city (and county) that understands and practices limited government which results in true property rights as well as freedom to pursue happiness as we see best. This lack is experienced all over America with few exceptions.  But I speak of our city - Eau Claire.

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