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Gold Backed Currency?

Written By: Rebecca Durham  |  Posted: Sunday, August 5th, 2018

I recently read an article that had been written by Peter Schiff about digitized gold being the only type of cryptocurrency that can succeed. That really got me to start thinking in a more expanded way about gold and how it can be utilized in today's world and in the future.

I've talked about this before. Gold being used as currency for thousands of years. And still being used but only by the governments and the wealthy. We are coming up on an age that is going to see gold being used as currency by the masses. Some of it will be in physical form but most of it will be in digital form. Can it work? I believe it can. But only if it truly has a gold backing. Not a paper or certificate or stock backing. We have enough fiat currency and time has taught us well. Fiat continues to line the pockets of the elite with wealth transfer after wealth transfer taking place.

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