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City of Eau Claire to Buy Forest Land

Written By: The ECJ Staff  |  Posted: Saturday, August 6th, 2011

            Instead of selling excess city land for extra revenue, the City of Eau Claire, last month, decided to purchase more land.  On Menomonie Street in the Town of Union is a 19 acre, heavily wooded lot owned by the Kiwanis Club.  Their asking price is $200,000, which the City is willing to pay. The purchase of this land comes at a time when the city is deeply in debt, needs to first pay off its debts, and further a time when people are experiencing financial hardship in a noticeable way.

            The purpose of the purchase is "to provide adequate park and open space land for citizens of today and of the future."  Half of the funding will come from the city.  The sale of the land requires a $100,000 DNR grant, which the city is applying for.  The City Council report did not give a cost comparison of the purchase compared to the benefit of a private individual purchasing it and developing it. - ECJ Staff

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