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For Greek Startups, Things Are Looking Up

Written By: Dan Truitt  |  Posted: Friday, November 2nd, 2012

            My wife Zoe and I taught a young Greek girl, named Eve, English for three years in Thessaloniki, where we live. This ended last year when Eve was sixteen years old and proficient enough to pass the kinds of exams she needed to in order to get into a decent school abroad for further studies. Eve's ultimate goal is to get a job in the European Union. To become, as we Americans like to call career employees of the EU, a Eurocrat.

            For those in Greece lacking the gifts and the wherewithal to study abroad, a young person's highest dream, until recently, was to get a lifetime job and guaranteed early retirement in the public sector. At one point in this country of eleven million, there were about one and a half million public sector employees. That is not a 'bloated public sector.' That is a public sector, if it were used as the 'before' picture, that would make Jabba the Hut look like an 'after' picture in a Slim Fast ad.

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