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Wisconsin High on State Funding of Local Governments

Written By: Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance  |  Posted: Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

               Local "Returns" on Taxes Paid Vary Widely by Municipality, County

               For every dollar state taxpayers send to Madison, 67¢ goes to local governments, schools, and property taxpayers, and not to running state agencies and programs. "This is a 'silver bullet' that ex­plains much about public finance in Wisconsin and why government here is different from most states," observes Todd A. Berry, head of the research team at the nonpartisan Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance (WISTAX). "And," he adds, "it explains much of what is behind ongoing state fiscal challenges and the recurring tension that exists among state leaders, local officials, and taxpayers." Celebrating its 80th year, WISTAX is dedicated to nonpartisan public policy research and citizen education.

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