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Local Government and the Age of Petty Tyranny

Written By: offthegridnews  |  Posted: Thursday, June 28th, 2012

There are some who believe the concern that so many of us have about the amount of government interference in the lives of American citizens is exaggerated. In a sense it is easy to see why so many feel this way, because to all outward appearances, most people still seem free to go where they want, associate with whom they choose, and speak their mind in just about any public forum. But this is more a reflection of the fact that we have a democratic tradition that goes back several hundred years, to a time that predates the American Revolution. When the forms and habits of democracy are as well entrenched as they are here, there is no possibility that citizens would tolerate an openly aggressive effort on the part of government or powerful corporations to rescind our freedoms in an obvious, comprehensive, or forthright manner.

            But in order to understand what is really going on, we need to look a little deeper below the surface. This is where we can see the signs and track the disturbing trends, and it is here that the specifics of a stealth campaign that is designed to end the independence of the American people can be seen with full clarity. This is not to suggest that there is some grand maniacal conspiracy operating behind the scenes; rather, what is really happening is that the bureaucratic mentality, which sees people as resources that need to be managed and manipulated, is spreading like an invasive species throughout the various levels and institutions of government. Things first started spiraling out of control in the mid-to-late decades of the twentieth century, but as we have moved into the new millennium, the momentum of this rise of the bureaucratic mindset has picked up steam. It has rolled out of Washington D.C. like a runaway freight train, and it is now penetrating deeply into the heart and soul of American democracy in each and every locality where the most important collective decisions that affect the health and welfare of everyone are being made.

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