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Why Ma and Pa Stores are Better

Written By: Dan Stanley  |  Posted: Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

By now most Americans are well aware that locally owned businesses - family owned often-have given way to corporate America. Franchises have come to age. Witness Wal-Mart for the grandest example. It is the epitome of what regional, national and international businesses strive to become. Everything from food to cars are made, sold and bought from businesses whose owners we will never meet. Products are made around the world and sold around the world under the same name.

Not only is this so, but we like it. We have bought hook, line and sinker the packaging job that corporate America has sold us. When I was living in Durand during the 1980's, I recall the beckon by local merchants to buy local. That is to buy from locally owned businesses. I was all for it and strove to do so. I had been raised in a small Canadian town (village) called Hampton. Dick Bovard's grocery store was across the street from our home. We bought everything there. He even wrapped our butter in brown wax paper and used string from a cone hanging from the ceiling to tie it (some of you remember that, don't you?!) Not only did he do that, but he had a tab behind his counter. We would tell him to put it on the tab, and we would pay off the tab or pay on the tab at the end of the week or month. Can you imagine trying to do that at a Wal-Mart or Menards?! "Just put it on the tab, and tell John I will pay up this Friday." How do you think that would fly with John? Security would be helping you out of the store if you persisted. So I was a good candidate to listen to the appeal to buy local. It cost me more at times, but it made sense to me due to how I was raised.

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