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Rural Americans Flock to Tea Party

Written By: Jerry Hanson  |  Posted: Monday, September 27th, 2010

Merrillan Wisconsin - Where? Yes, Merrillan Wisconsin, a small rural town between Neillsville and Black River Falls (many still don't know where it is) draws a crowd of about 500 people to a Tea Party rally Saturday, September 25th. If you think the tea party movement is waning you should have been there. Many of those in attendance said that this was the first tea party rally that they had ever attended. No one knows just how big the tea party movement is. There is no membership roll, no single tea party organization, no hierarchy, no national funding; just concerned, average, local citizens sacrificing what they can to put on these events. All we know is that millions of Americans are getting their political ire up to send the message to their elected (and about to be elected) representatives that they have had enough of big government, out of control spending, arrogant politicians, job killing policies, socialism, taxes, and excessive regulations. You can rest assured that these tea party people will hold all newly elected representatives accountable. They have found their strength in unity as they "cling to their guns and religion."

Is this the rebirth of representative government in America? Let's hope so. The one message the tea parties are sending to elected officials is that they better stand up for constitutionally limited government, and radical spending cuts. Any wavering on these issues is likely to get a politician recalled. The tea party event in Merrillan was facilitated by Americans for Prosperity (AFP). Mark Block, President of the Wisconsin AFP said, "There is going to be an election tsunami of epic proportions on November 2nd." He told me to put him on the record as predicting a Republican gain of 65 - 100 seats in congress this election. Not since 1922 has such a radical shift in power occurred. Dick Morris, Fox News contributor, and a speaker at the event, said in my interview with him that the polls are now indicating that 73 seats currently held by Democrats will be won by the Republicans and that there are in reality about 100 seats that have a good possibility of going Republican. He credits the tea party movement with most of these gains.

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