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Reverse Engineering

Written By: Jim Swanson  |  Posted: Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

Scientists have recently admitted that they are studying the makeup and functioning of the human brain in order to build a better computer. This is called reverse engineering, going from the natural model to the man made application. Doesn't this strike you as strange talk from those who believe all life is the result of random accidents? Random accidents don't make computers, do they? Another example of reverse engineering is sonar, the application of the echolocation system of bats. A high pitched sound is emitted from the bat's mouth or nose. The time it takes the sound to bounce off an insect and enter the bat's ears determines the insect's location.

Dolphins and porpoises also use echolocation by making clicking sounds with their mouths. The echo tells them the size, shape, distance, speed, direction, and internal structure of the object! One source states, "The echolocation system of the dolphin is extremely sensitive and complex. Using only its acoustic senses, a bottlenose dolphin can discriminate between practically identical objects which differ by ten per cent or less in volume or surface area. It can do this in a noisy environment, can whistle and echolocate at the same time, and echolocate on near and distant targets simultaneously - feats which leave human sonar experts gasping."* If accidents can produce an "extremely sensitive and complex" system, why not study accidents instead of finished products! Instead, we understand our Creator designed these complex systems of navigation.

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