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Cooking Corner - Strawberry Picking

Written By: Ellen Kleven  |  Posted: Monday, July 4th, 2011

            Strawberry picking, a summer activity I especially enjoy, is about to begin. Although the berries had a late start with the cold spring, I am told that the plants are very healthy and are bearing plenty of blossoms and green fruits. I called my favorite berry picking farm, Appledore Woods Farm, in Eau Claire and Phil said that the berries look like they'll be ripe by sometime next week, which should be just about the same time you pick this paper up.

            Last summer was my first in Eau Claire and I remember wanting to go strawberry picking but not being sure where to go. I did some online research and found numerous farms in the Eau Claire area. Since I love being outside, choosing the freshest fruits for myself, and saving money in the process, I decided to narrow my search to farms that allowed "u-pick" only. I found the ones nearest to Eau Claire and started calling to get prices. Appledore Woods Farm was definitely the best price per pound and, as they are conveniently located just south of Eau Claire off of highway 37, I decided I'd at least go check it out and pick some of their berries and see what I thought.

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