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My Brother, My Rock, My Hero

Written By: Christina Wu  |  Posted: Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

When he worked at the chicken farm, his female co-workers scorned him. They felt that an able-bodied young man should not be doing menial labour and concluded that he must be illiterate or else he would hold a cushy job in an air-conditioned office. My brother ignored their jeers. A few months later, these same co-workers tried to befriend him. They had discovered that he was leaving the farm because he had found employment at an international shipping company. Suddenly, he had become a very eligible bachelor with very good prospects. He knew what they were thinking but he did not need such fair-weather friends.

The farm was his first job and the only one he could get immediately after completing his education. He took the job because he saw how hard my mother had to work to pay for his younger siblings' education and he wanted to lighten my mother's burden. Every month, without fail, he would give part of his wages to her. Thus, I was taught some of life's values by my brother's shining example. He taught me, through words and deeds, that other people's opinion did not matter. No matter how menial the task is, he showed me, it is honorable as long as I know that I am earning an honest wage.

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