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Why our Gun Rights Are Secure

Written By: Jesse Regenauer  |  Posted: Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

                I cannot truly express in words how aggravating it was reading some of the defeatist minded opinions written by prominent pro-gun figures leading up to this most recent presidential election. Oftentimes comments included (and I am paraphrasing here) things like, "....if Obama gets elected to a second term, our 2nd Amendment rights are finished, through, done, gone, etc. etc. etc...."

                If I don't ever hear this verbal garbage again, it will be too soon. The fact of the matter is, our rights to self-preservation are NOT something granted by any governmental authority. Those rights come from God Himself. The 2nd Amendment was inspired, written, and instituted by men whose life experiences had created a reliance on the wisdom of divine providence. More specifically, these men depended on God to help shape and create rules for a democratic republic to grow and thrive with safeguards against tyrannical government intrusion.

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