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USA Today Displays Immorality

Written By: Dan Stanley  |  Posted: Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

            What is called the "nation's newspaper," the USA Today, has been going since 1982.  I have been an avid reader of it since its inception, granted, in recent years that interest has dwindled.  But I still must buy it on Monday mornings. What is striking about last Monday's edition, and very disappointing to say the least, is the picture carried in their July 25th edition on page 3A. Without virtually a word of criticism, they have a picture (along with a promotional article) showing two men kissing in the process of being "married." They, of course, are not being married. But what is very disconcerting is the picture. Not that this is new to myself. I once had a homosexual try to kiss me while I was preaching. He missed and I put my arm around him, told him I loved his soul, and that he, like any other sinner needed to be saved by the grace of God. But the picture. Can you imagine the uproar (rightly so) if a picture of a man with a woman was shown that revealed obvious immodesty or sensuality or unnatural scenes in it? What would you think if some form of incest or adultery or fornication were shown in newspaper picture? This picture displayed unnatural affection. And here is a national newspaper, reaching millions of people, openly showing immorality without blushing, and even commending it. Where is the uproar? Especially, where is the uproar from Christians?

            Dan Stanley is an owner and contributor to the Eau Claire Journal.  He is the author of "Becoming Debt Free" and has pastored for thirty years.   He and his wife Beth have ten children, five grandchildren and live in Eau Claire.

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