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Fortifying Yourself and Your Home Against Crime, Part Two

Written By: Chris Martenson  |  Posted: Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

            I would be remiss not to emphasize how important it is for you to fortify yourself, not just your home.  You (your mind, your disciplines, your skills) are the keys to keeping your home safe from burglary.  Whatever you do and whatever upgrades you add to your residence, be disciplined and use whatever you've got diligently.  I once responded to a report of a burglary at the Philadelphia home of a celebrity whose name you may know.  This wealthy, well-known woman keeps a second home in Philadelphia and was the victim of a burglary there while she was out of state at her primary residence.  The burglar broke a pane of glass in the garage door, and then reached in and pulled the cord that activated the garage door opener.  Once inside, he closed the garage door, and, in complete privacy, easily forced open the door from the garage to the residence.  No burglar alarm was installed which would've called the police at that point. 

            The burglar spent a lot of time searching for valuables, including cutting open couch cushions.  The burglar tried to move the safe he found locked and secure in the bedroom, but it was too heavy to move more than 3 inches.  Then he found over $100,000 in jewelry and watches in a shoebox in the same bedroom with the safe, and left a happy man.  To top it all off, there was no insurance to cover the loss!  If you have locks, lock 'em.  If you have an alarm, activate it.  If you have a safe, put your valuables in it.  Don't make it so easy on them, people!   And whatever you do, stay alert and aware.  If someone followed you home from the jewelry store or bank, would you notice?  If someone was watching you and your house off and on for a week, would you notice?  And if you noticed, would you take effective action?  Would the burglar watching you get the distinct impression that you were watching him?

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