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Boy's Hot Dog Stand Shut Down

Written By: - USJ Staff  |  Posted: Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

            According to Tim Brown writing for Freedom Outpost, "Nathan Duszynski, a 13-year-old boy who saved up $1,300 to purchase a hot dog cart and then was shut down by the city of Holland, Michigan, has now found himself homeless, along with his parent."  What happened to this young man happens all over the country on a regular basis.
            It seems, though, at this juncture stronger words are needed than the typical explanation and sparring over words and gestures.  All the hoopla about safety and zoning and leaving messes on the ground along with congestion is worse than hoopla. It is the intrusion by those on city councils into the lives and livelihood of those trying to make a living.  It is oppression.  It is trespassing on a person's God given rights and need to make a living.  It is wrong.   It is almost worse than wrong.  It is the forcing of a thirteen year old against the whole state of Michigan over him making a living.  "Bullies" is too cheap of a word to describe those who do this, whether in Holland, Michigan or any other town or city on America.  Quit making excuses and let's call a spade a spade. 
            But I must go a little further.  What is wrong with those who make these laws, those who uphold them, those who vote such people into local office and those who don't say anything about it?  I am not sure.  Maybe we are so immune to true freedom and responsibility that we no longer say anything.  What I do know is anyone in power making and upholding such laws needs a lesson in freedom, the right to make a living and the folly of trespassing.  It does not matter if a person has a badge or title that they hold.  None of this justifies such a violation of property and personal rights anymore than a crooked politician is justified in supporting the debasing (and they almost all do) of our currency, creating inflation and stealing from the young and old by this evil sleight of hand.
            Let's get real.  Let's stop this in step march over the cliff of common sense and sanity into the abyss of statism.  Let us stop and ask ourselves what kind of person would promote and even tolerate this type of action.  Be sure of this, whoever is doing this is either ignorant and needs a wakeup call, or knows what they are doing and needs what Churchill said he received - "a boot."


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