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Why Women Should Not be Allowed in Combat

Written By: Attorney Scott Tips  |  Posted: Thursday, May 31st, 2012

            I recently read a piece on News With Views with a promising title about why women should not be placed in combat. "Ah," I thought, at last some sense will be brought to the subject. But I was severely disappointed because the weakest argument possible was used as a justification for keeping women out of combat: That they might be captured, tortured, and used as hostages! I'm sorry, but that is not the reason. Men can also be captured, tortured, and used as hostages in wartime too; and they have been. Just look at Israel's prisoner exchanges with Hamas and others, for a quick example of the anguish that any country goes through to recover even one of its own.

            No, the reasons women should not be allowed in combat are many and they are diverse. And note that I use the plural, not the singular, form for "reason." This article will not win me many friends, it will fly in the face of conventional "pop" wisdom (especially those CGI films that show super-strong women able to do anything), and it will seem as if I am being sexist, but it is reality. It is the way things really are, not how we merely hope or wish that they can be. We can deny reality for a while - as we have been doing for so long with our national economy - but it will always, always eventually catch up with us. Such is the case with the current fad to allow women to play combat soldier in our military.

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