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Health Bill Not Dead Yet

Posted: Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

The Republicans appear to be held in check by the Democrats in the political chess game over health care reform after last week's summit held by our president. The Republicans have been given two choices, either participate in the Democrat's Government takeover of our health care system, or let the Democrats pass their version without Republican input via the "reconciliation" process - which only needs 51 senate votes to pass. Since the Democrats won't need any Republican support, many think that the newer Democrat bill may include such things as a public option, higher taxes to fund the massive cost, more government control of insurance companies, and (as a "victory" for the constitution) the elimination of the bribe given to Bill Nelson (poor Bill).

Now while this may seem like the Republicans will lose a lot by allowing this bill to pass without their input, there may by a checkmate coming against the Democrats - if the Republicans will take the move. If you think "tea party" conservatives are angry now, imagine what will happen if the health bill passes. A conservative takeover of congress would be brewing if Republicans can take advantage of it. They could lose this advantage two ways: compromise and take part in the updating of the health care bill, or continue to promote more moderate candidates that have not won the support of the majority of "tea party" conservatives.

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