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Opinions and Answers to Mass Shooting

Written By: Various Authors  |  Posted: Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

There are many voices giving their assessments and their answers to the tragedy that occured last week in Newtown CT.  Here is a collection of a few of them in no particular order.

Rachel Weeps Rachel Weeping for Her Children - The Massacre in Connecticut

 By Albert Mohler

What else can we say about the murder of children and their teachers? How can we understand the evil of killing little children one by one, forcing them to watch their little friends die and realizing that they were to be next? How can we bear this?


Facts on Guns and Crime

By Thomas Sowell

Must every tragic mass shooting bring out the shrill ignorance of "gun control" advocates?


Conscience, Not Guns

By Dennis Prager

Want to know a major cause of criminal violence in America? Try leftism's denial of the importance of moral values among nations and individuals; its systematic destruction of character education; and its elimination of God as the source of moral law.


Why Aren't there Men at Elementary Schools?

By Mike Holmes

So elementary schools are full of young children and unarmed women. While there are notable exceptions (ex military, law enforcement, firearms enthusiasts, martial arts hobbyists, etc.) most women have relatively little physical strength, are smaller than most adult males and have little or no capability to exercise unarmed self defense.


Take Your Precious Children Out of Government Schools

By Dave Daubenmire

Guns don't kill people. Amoral-education does.


Those Government Gun-Free Zones

By Jacob Hornberger

Second, gun-control laws won't eliminate guns from society, any more than drug laws have eliminated drugs from society. Given the millions of guns in existence, along with continued manufacture of guns all over the world, all that gun control would do is convert the business of owning guns into a black-market enterprise. That means gun gangs, gun cartels, robberies, muggings, and all the other things that come into existence with a black market. If you like the war on drugs, you'll love the war on guns.


Mass Murders in Schools

By Jack D. Douglas

But I do not remember ever hearing of a mass murder except gangster mass murders in history books or movies during Prohibition. It had nothing to do with a lack of guns. Guns were everywhere.


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