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"This Is Conservatism?"

Written By: Jack Hunter  |  Posted: Saturday, April 28th, 2012

                Barack Obama is the most socialist president in American history.  Before Obama, George W. Bush was the most socialist president in American history.  Before "Dubya", it was Bill Clinton, then Bush Sr., and so on.  Each successive administration by and large has presided over a federal government that has assumed more power and spent more money than the last.   And the same will be true in 2012 if America elects just another "business as usual Republican."

                It's the same old story every time. 

                "Defense spending will not be cut under my administration."- Rick Santorum (2012).

                "How about a spending freeze on everything but defense?"- John McCain (2008).

                "I am going to go through every single program and ask if we can afford it, and if not, I am going to say, 'is this program so critical that it's worth borrowing money from China to pay for it?'"-Mitt Romney, 2012

                "When I am president I will go line by line to make sure we are not spending money unwisely."- Barack Obama, 2008

                "There are many things you can do to leverage accelerating the development of space…"-Newt Gingrich, 2012

                Consider this scenario, what if there had never been a President George W. Bush and we went straight from Clinton to electing Obama in 2000.  Now imagine Obama had governed exactly as Bush has: starting the Iraq war, implementing the Patriot Act, doubling the national debt, expanding Medicare, enacting No Child Left Behind, pushing through TARP, the whole bit. 

                Would conservatives have excused this record?  No, they would have called this the most socialist president in our history, and they would have been right.  The Republican presidential candidate should be promising conservatives the moon in terms of spending cuts.  Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, and Newt Gingrich, all have offered no specific cuts. 

                "Mitt Romney's proposals would increase the debt to between 85 and 96 percent of GDP, Santorum's policies would drive up the debt to GDP ratio to 104%, and Gingrich's would balloon that ratio to 114%.  It is notable that the policies of the fourth place GOP challenger, Ron Paul, would reduce the debt to 76% of GDP, 4% lower than Obama's 80% figure."(The Daily Conversation)

                When Ron Paul offered $1 trillion in cuts in the first year of presidency, along with an actual plan on how he can arrive at such a number, the other candidates characterized his proposal as being unreasonable. 

                This is conservatism?

                We have a $15 trillion national debt that many consider the greatest threat to American security and stability, yet no GOP presidential candidate, except Paul, has proposed we do anything about it.  If President Romney takes us to $20 trillion, Santorum takes us to $25 trillion, or Gingrich takes the national debt to the moon.

                If a president's conservatism can be judged by the size of government under his watch, Bill Clinton was far more conservative than George W. Bush.  This is something few on the right would readily admit even though it is quite clear that the history of the conservative movement has always been one of diminishing returns.

                "Arguing over who mows Mitt Romney's lawn in the midst of a crisis, a sovereign debt worldwide crisis, the biggest in the history of the world?"- Ron Paul.

                Conservatives who continue to make the case that nothing could be worse than another Obama presidency are probably right.  But to the degree that so many conservatives didn't find much fault with the last socialist Republican President, is a pretty good indication of what they will tolerate from the next one.

                The worst thing that can happen in 2012 is for Obama to win another term, except, perhaps, a Republican beating him, governing just like him, and everyone calling it conservative…


    Jack Hunter writes for the Daily Caller, where this article originally appeared.  His website is SouthernAvenger.com.

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