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Enzymes: The Key to Good Health and Longevity

Written By: Off the Grid News Service  |  Posted: Saturday, November 19th, 2011

             Within the complex biological systems operating inside the human body, enzymes play an essential role in enabling and maintaining proper functioning. Many of the crucial biochemical reactions that occur inside the human organism would not be able take place at all without the mediating actions of enzymes, which catalyze processes both inside and outside cells that would not otherwise be possible.

            About 3,000 different enzymes have been discovered in the bodies of human beings so far, and medical experts estimate that 50,000 or more of these biochemical enablers may be performing essential tasks inside every one of us at each moment of the day. These amino acid- based assemblages are assisted in their work by vitamins and minerals known as co-enzymes - without the valuable service of enzymes and their associated nutrients, none of the vital biological processes that produce energy, drive immune resistance, or allow for the detailed coordination of all the body's critical systems would be possible.

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