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NASA Hinders True Space Exploration

Written By: Rick Jurmain  |  Posted: Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

Local Eau Claire former rocket scientist recounts his experiences with NASA

In response to "The Private Sector and the Future of Space Exploration" published in The Eau Claire Journal, November 24, 2010, I want to elaborate on NASA's role in "...leading the way in the human exploration of space for nearly 50 years..." NASA has in fact been the greatest detriment to human exploration of space throughout its history. I'm a second generation space cadet. My father was one of the original "steely-eyed missile men" working at Cape Canaveral when NASA first showed up. He told many stories of their engineering incompetence, bureaucracy, and inability to get anything done. NASA signed the checks for the space program, taking a huge cut of the money and all the credit. But it was private industry, despite NASA, that got us to the moon.

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