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In Defense of Liberty - Daily News - 5/16

Written By: The Liberty Brothers, Mr. John C. Deming and Mr. Lee G. Deming  |  Posted: Monday, May 16th, 2011

            Daily Caller (Op. Ed. by Rep. Rob Bishop) - "14 trillion reasons for a repeal amendment". This is a step backward, not forward, in our quest for States' Rights. This is even more alarming given that its authors are Republicans, the party that often provides lip service for States' Rights. Here's how Bishop describes it, "If adopted, the Repeal Amendment would bring a careful but powerful shift in the balance of power between state representatives and federal officials. The amendment would force the federal government to reconsider provisions of law that no longer have support around the nation. It would bring one element of decision-making power out of Washington and return it to the people. It would also provide states with a tool to address federal encroachment by reversing congressional acts and regulations so long as a two-thirds consensus is reached nationwide." Make no mistake, this is a bad idea, because it suggests that the federal government can still overrule the states, and minority states have to relinquish their sovereignty unnecessarily. Instead, these lawmakers should focus on the proud States' Rights tradition of Nullification, which truly keeps the power in the hands of the states and the people.

            Mises.org - "The pricing politburo slams shampoo". Yes, this is an article about the regulation of $1 shampoo. It contains a very detailed analysis of how the federal government chooses to litigate antitrust cases, and why these efforts are unnecessary. It is a lengthy article, but is well worth the read. In the end, the government suggests that it saved consumers from a 5% increase in price (which would amount to $0.05). As for the current prices, the article describes difference in neighboring stores of $0.23. Therefore, even if we acknowledge that the government saves us $0.05 (which we don't), it is an insignificant amount when taking into account the price range in a local market. This is another example of wasteful government intervention and regulation leading to a more constrained, and therefore less free, market.

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