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Is it Really the Economy, Stupid?

Written By: Isabel Lyman  |  Posted: Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

            You might be an "economite" if you … prefer city lights to starry skies in wide open spaces; agree that a college education is worth going into significant debt; patronize stores in which the majority of the goods were made in Communist China; believe that illegal immigrants are needed to "do the jobs Americans won't do"; forego family time to work to afford more expensive gadgets, clothes, and trips; are making minimum payments on credit card debt; subscribe to Forbes magazine; are bored without modern entertainment like sports teams, video games, social networking sites, reality shows, and iTunes; think free-trade agreements (like NAFTA, CAFTA, and KORUS FTA) benefit our economy; support politicians who think economic growth is always beneficial to a community; frequent casinos; or eat to thrive rather than to survive.

            The term "economite" was coined by John Attarian in his book, Economism and the National Prospect. In a brisk 72 pages, Attarian, who earned a doctorate in economics from the University of Michigan, provides plausible answers to the troubling questions that currently preoccupy many thoughtful Americans: "What has happened to this great nation? Where are we headed as a people? Who's taking us down this road to destruction? Why do so many seem to be oblivious to the danger?"

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