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A Black Man's Perspective

Written By: Lloyd Marcus  |  Posted: Monday, September 27th, 2010

Two paradigms which evil divisive democrats have shamefully promoted and exploited for years are; one, white men are burning the midnight oil thinking of ways to keep blacks down and two, all rich white people are selfish, evil and deserving of punishment. No democrat president has sold the "you have too little because the rich have too much" message better than Obama which lead to angry protesters picketing the homes of corporate executives. Democrats are masters at creating a hated "bad guy" to further their agenda. As a black man, I wish to share a few of my life experiences which crush the paradigm that all whites are committed to keeping blacks down.

When I was 15, I wanted to attend art college on weekends. I wrote a letter to my (white) senator. When I arrived home from school one day, my mom said our senator stopped by, saw the sign I was painting for our teen dance and decided to give me a scholarship. I wrote a letter to, then, Baltimore mayor, William Donald Schaeffer for a scholarship. Imagine this nervous 15 old year black kid from the ghetto, dressed in my Sunday best and my artwork between two pieces of cardboard as a portfolio sitting in the mayor's huge office. My artwork was spread over his massive curved oak desk. Schaeffer was kind and easy to talk to. He became annoyed by interruptions and instructed his secretary to hold his calls. We talked for an hour or so. A few weeks later, I received a scholarship to the Maryland Institute College of Art.

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