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Abortion or Aborticide: Is there a Difference? Is the Unborn Child Really a Fetus?

Written By: Dan Stanley  |  Posted: Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

                We all know what a homicide is. It is the killing of a human being. "Homo" is Latin for man and "cide" is Latin for killing. Not only killing, but the murdering of that person.  That is why we refer in our English language to a homicide as a murder. We think that way, for that is the meaning deeply embedded in our language. Associated with that are many other words with the same ending. There is fratricide, which is the murder of a brother.  Sororicide is the killing of one's sister. There is infanticide, which is the murder of a child under one year of age. There is mariticide, which is the killing of one's husband and uroxicide, which is the killing of one's wife. Of course, there is suicide which is the killing of one's self. 
                There is, though, another word that ends with the same Latin ending - "cide." It is a word that has gradually been eliminated from our vocabulary. It is the word "aborticide." An aborticide was the "intentional act of destroying an unborn baby in the womb." This is different than an abortion as we know it. An abortion was the expulsion of a dead child within the womb. So we might say the child "aborted." This is something many mothers have experienced. It is better known as a miscarriage. All that, though, has changed with the legalization and acceptance of what now is called abortion, but was called aborticide in the past. Now, abortion is defined as the expulsion of an unborn fetus, whether through natural expulsion (abortion) or through purposeful termination and expulsion of the unborn baby (aborticide). What was murder in the past - as the word aborticide clearly revealed - is now called an abortion. The word abortion has morphed into another meaning, one that has excluded the word aborticide. 
                This is nothing new for words. They are constantly changing, for good or bad. In this case, the word aborticide was replace with the word feticide. Notice the first part of the replacement word. It is the word for fetus. A fetus in our English Dictionaries was defined as an unborn animal. Webster's New World Dictionary of the American Language (1963) still defined a fetus this way. But that has changed. Now look up the word fetus and see what definition you get. It will include the unborn animal, but also the unborn child. Of course, this was an easy change as the evolutionists views man as an animal species. This slight of hand came unnoticed to most Americans. Imagine telling someone using the word fetus means an unborn animal, not person?! The result is these words changing and being replaced have covered up what is really happening. What is really happening when an unborn child's life is purposely being terminated is a life is being taken. Killing is taking place. Murder is being committed. It is that simple, plain and heinous. Aborticide is taking place, just as a homicide is taking place when a man or woman is killed. Nothing more, nothing less. Remember this the next time you hear the word abortion and fetus being used. Remember that the words and their meanings have been purposely changed to mean something else. And that something is to cover up what is really happening when the unborn are being killed. And ask yourself, is there any line you draw in this regard? If a child is outside the womb (has been born), surely you would call it murder to take that life? Yes, I believe most would. If inside the womb, is there ever a time you would call it murder or killing? Do you refer to the unborn child as fetus? If so, upon what basis? A fetus is an unborn animal. Do you equate unborn children with animals? You say no. Then why use a word meant for unborn animals for unborn children? Where do you draw your lines? Whereever they are, realize we have been duped by a redefining of words. We are walking to the beat of those committing aborticide. We are talking like the evolutionists and the abortionists, whether we know it or not. Rather say as the Psalmist  said, "My substance was not hid from thee, when I was made in secret, and curiously wrought (made) in the lowest parts of the earth.  Thine eyes did see my substance, yet being unperfect: and in thy book all my members were written, which in continuance were fashioned, when as yet there was none of them."

                Dan Stanley is an owner and contributor to the Eau Claire Journal.  He is the author of "Becoming Debt Free" and has pastored for thirty years.   He and his wife Beth have ten children, four grandchildren and live in Eau Claire.

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