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In Defense of Liberty - Daily News - 6/03/2011

Written By: The Liberty Brothers, Mr. John C. Deming and Mr. Lee G. Deming  |  Posted: Monday, June 6th, 2011

Reason.com - "A war fit for a king". As with most Reason.com articles, this one provides an extended narrative that clearly articulates its point. It uses then-senator Obama's own words to contrast his current efforts in Libya, and describes our administration's new-found subservience to NATO and the UN. As we've stated before, it is interesting that Democrats who railed against Bush's foreign interventions are now silent, even though president Obama's foreign interventions are even more extreme than Bush's. Was it principles or partisanship that they were using when deciding whether or not to endorse a particular foreign intervention? You decide. As for the Republicans, they have been conservative in self-stated name only. Very few have actually followed the Constitution during either the Bush or Obama years. We now have a bipartisan effort to allow president Obama the very imperial powers we fought a revolution to end. The founding fathers authored a contract between the states to protect the citizens from these types of statist tendencies. The federal government is obviously uninterested in following the contract; therefore, it is time for states to enforce it. 


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