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Why the Silver Price Looks Set to Surge

Written By: Joss Smith  |  Posted: Monday, September 13th, 2010

Silver has an ugly reputation as the 'poor man's gold'. Most investors hate it. In fact, many would prefer to class it among the base metals - along with nickel, zinc and copper.
But they are missing out on what could be a pretty remarkable investment opportunity. Because in truth, silver is probably the most undervalued of all metals in the market today. Why?

Well, the strongest recommendation for silver at this time is that it is both a precious metal and an industrial metal. And that means two opportunities to profit. The first will be if economies continue to recover and industrial demand rises. The second is as an inflation hedge if economies perform less well than I expect. Silver is an investment 'each-way bet' - we could win on one count, or we could win on both. And having lagged the price of gold, now is a great time to buy into silver. Let me show you a bit more about why silver is such an unloved metal.

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